Are there any benefits of using laundry dry cleaners over the conventional ways of washing clothes? The above question may sound rhetorical to a person who has been using Laundromats for a while. However, to the person who has never had experience with the dry cleaners the question is as weighty as they come.

Ideally, stains on clothes that are made from natural or synthetic fabric are best removed by using Laundromats. This is because many Laundromat service providers use solvents instead of water. The benefits of using laundry dry cleaners however go beyond excellent stain removal on garments.

Using Dry Cleaners is More Convenient

Instead of investing a lot of dollars buying a washing machine or employing a cleaning lady, you can save a lot of money by engaging Laundromat service companies. If you are living in a city, having your clothes slow your movement shouldn’t appear anywhere in the picture.

There is nothing as frustrating as buying your best suit, washing it, drying and having it turn out all irreversibly creased. Different clothes call for different levels of expertise while cleaning. By using laundry service providers, you are assured that your best clad are being handled by professionals with vast years of experience. They should therefore be able to handle your clothes with maximal care.

No Odors

Have you ever cleaned your clothes but they came out smelling like they have taken a plunge into a sewage dump. In many case you will need to wash your clothes several times in order to remove the odors. The best Laundromat service providers will however be able to do this with no difficulty at all.

Laundry Service Providers are Convenient

Convenience is the main reason why many people take their clothes to laundry service providers. It takes a lot more time having your clothes cleaned by a drycleaner than trying to jungle between your jobs and cleaning. Dry cleaners and contractors offer pick-up and delivery services to their clients thereby making the process even more convenient for people whose schedules are tight.

Durability of Your Clothes

The fact that Laundromat cleaning agents use no water to clean your clothes can extend the durability of your clothes by minimizing the chance of colors running or clothes shrinking. Using solvents instead of water also enhances the strength of the fibers on your suit.

Final Thoughts on Doing Your Laundry

The benefits offered by laundry service providers cannot be emphasized strongly enough. Today, people love those who show dexterity, style and fashion consciousness. You can get yourself into this class by choosing a laundry service provider who is both efficient and capable of solving all you clothe cleaning needs. After all, if other people are doing it, why shouldn’t you?

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Dry cleaning has always been a magical thing for me. After all, this is the process which is cleaning the stains and dirt from my clothes which were almost impossible for me to wash. Well, the magical thing is no more magical now and not that expensive, it was decades ago. The process is almost similar like washing at home, except, the clothes are washed through some chemical solvent instead of water.

Whether it is your old wedding dress or a dress shirt, the best way to keep them in good condition with no sign of dirt or stain is dry cleaning. Some dry cleaners use tetachloroethylene or perchloroethylene, which are generally flammable and have a strange odor which is not tolerable.

Go for Green Dry Cleaning

With the increasing awareness of the people, dry cleaners have also decided to go environment-friendly in the selection of solvent. And now, you have an alternative of chemical solvent, which is named as Green Dry Cleaning. Carbon-dioxide is used as a solvent in this green method. The liquid form of CO2 is generally used for the cleaning. This is the best way to keep all your delicate pieces of clothes clean and crisp.

Dry Cleaners to help you Look Presentable

What if you have a meeting and you need to wear a dress shirt which can prove your class and make you look presentable. You have two options- either wash at home or choose a dry cleaner to get the best result. And thus, you can save your time handing over your clothes to any dry cleaners within your area. However, going to a professional will cost you expensive, but will make your dirty shirt smells good and looks like new. So, which is more important for you- time or money?

Well, if it’s your dress shirt, then first ask a few questions to yourself. Do you need the laundry or the dry cleaning? Analyse the type of stain your shirt has. If it’s just dirt or a normal stain, then it’s not a wise decision to go for dry cleaning. But, if there are some stains which are hard to remove by hand wash or machine wash, then you should not think a lot and choose the dry cleaning service.

To Starch or Not to Starch?

Starch is a type of agent which makes clothes crispy and also helps in removing the stains easily and quickly. Your clothes look crisp with some stiffness when starch is used in the process. It can remove the stains without damaging the fabric, and you don’t need to visit the laundry service very soon to dry clean it again. However, this agent can reduce the lifespan of your cloths and may react badly with your sensitive skin. However, you can tell your dry cleaner to apply the light or medium starch to save your delicate clothes’ life and for your health benefit as well.

Iron the Clothes for Perfection

Ironing is another part of these shops, because some clothes cannot leave a good impression if wear or use unironed. Curtains, drapes, dress pants and shirts, suits, formal wear, silk and linen clothes are some of the items which need to be ironed properly for the more finished touch. So, if it’s just dirt, then choose shirt ironing and washing, instead of cleaning from some chemical solvent. Apparently, dry cleaners offer professional washing and ironing as well.

Boxed or Hanger?

These shops also give you the option of boxing and hanger. Some like to wear the boxed dress while some prefer hangers. We make you one thing clear that boxing will leave the crease. And if you can wear creased clothes, then go for the boxing option. Otherwise, you can choose the hanger.

Effect of Technological Advancement

Apart from this, the advancement of technology has made their services efficient and has also improved the quality as well. Not only the methods of dry cleaning have improved, but the methods of pickup & delivery have also changed. Now, you can save more time, because stores are now offering the pickup and delivery option as well through some mobile apps.

Well, you should be very careful while searching for dress shirt dry cleaners. After all, you are handover your delicate pieces of clothes to them. So, search thoroughly for the reliable one. You should also check the policy for damaged items while giving your dress or shirt for ironing and washing to any laundry service. Before giving your clothes to dry cleaning, don’t forget to read the labels of garments to determine whether it is a dry cleaning item or just a washable cloth.

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I am in between sizes and it is a frustrating place to be. Though I often find clothes I like, I am reluctant to buy them because they don’t fit right. After considering several options, I realized my neighborhood tailor was the solution to my wardrobe woes. This solution can help you and answering these questions will help you find a reliable tailor or seamstress.

  1. Where is the shop? If you have to drive too far, you are incurring more costs. There may be a tailor shop in the local mall or strip mall. Check the mileage and commuting time. Look for a tailor that has easy and ample parking.
  2. Are the reviews favorable? Ask around and you may find friends and neighbors who have used this tailor. Find out if they are satisfied customers or dissatisfied ones. You may also find reviews on the Internet.
  3. What are the rates? Tailors that belong to a national chain will have their rates posted. Independent tailors may give you a price sheet or card. Compare these rates with other tailor shops. Tailoring rates can vary from region to region. I just paid $18 to have some slacks tailored, which is a reasonable rate.
  4. Does the tailor take careful measurements? As George Bernard Shaw once commented, “The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew every time he sees me.” Many tailors have risers for customers to stand on while they measure cuffs and hems. Careful measurements ensure careful tailoring.
  5. How is the workmanship? Sloppy workmanship can ruin a garment. Several years ago I took a pair of knit slacks to the tailor and asked him to shorten then. When I picked up the slacks the hems were stretched out. I never wore the slacks and I never went to that tailor again. The workmanship should be top-notched and your garment should be pressed and on a hanger.
  6. Does the tailor understand customer service? If the tailor says your garment will be ready on a certain day, he or she should keep this promise. Making another trip costs you time and money. The tailor I use prints the pick-up date on the receipt and my clothes have always been ready.
  7. Does the shop have any deals? Ask about coupon offers, rebates, and seasoned citizen discounts. My tailor gives seniors a 10 percent discount on alterations. A 10 percent discount is better than none and adds up over time.

Though tailoring increases your clothing costs, it is worth it to have your clothes fit properly. You can dress with confidence and greet the day with confidence. The moral of this story is to get to know your local tailor.

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